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The Man Vampire – Jason Brickman

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With outstanding ability and skill of Jason Brickman, fans all over the world love him. Campus – Star proudly presents the nicest guy of Mono Vampire.  He is very nice and shy, see how cute he is.

The Man Vampire – Jason Brickman

Brickman’s arrival to the Mono Vampires comes after a stellar season with the KL Dragons where he averaged 13.2 points, 5.4 rebounds, and 9.8 assists per game. He holds the single game (22 assists), single season (265 assists), and career average (9.8 assists per game) all-time ABL high.

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Clip Interview

About Jason Brickman

Full name    Jason Alexander Brickman
Born              November 19, 1991 (San Antonio, Texas)
Nationality Filipino / American
High school  Clark (San Antonio, Texas)
College           LIU Brooklyn (2010–2014)
Position         Point guard

Instagram :   jasonbrickman
Facebook   :  Jason Brickman


Q : Can you introduce yourself a little bit?
A : Hi, I’m Jason Brickman. I’m 25 years old. I’m from San Antonio, Texas and I play for Mono Vampire.

Q : What’s your nickname?
A : I have so many names that everybody calls me something different such as “Jay Brick” or “Brick”. My family calls me “Jess”. When I was young my family called me” Yaya”.

Q : Why is that? Where “Yaya” came from?
A : Haha I didn’t know.

Q : Can you speak Thai?
A : No, I can’t. My teammates taught me but it’s bare words.
(We told him to say some bare words but he refused)

Q : How long have you been in Thailand?
A : About 4 months before the beginning season.

Q : Why you decided to play for Mono Vampire?
A : I joined Mono Vampire because I know that Mono Vampire is a good organization. I played in ABL (ASEAN Basketball League) last year for 4 games and Reggie (Reggie Johnson) was here in TBL (Thailand Basketball League) and I knew Reggie. I know Mono Vampire is the best organization in TBSL (Thailand Basketball Super League)
(Wow, it’s very good answer.)


Q : What is the most interesting thing you like in Thailand?
A : I like food and Thai people are so friendly and nice.

Q : What ‘s your favorite food?
A : Hainanese chicken rice but I like fast food too such as McDonalds, Burgerking. I need to keep healthy and I love to eat very much.

Q : What do you do in your free time?
A : Go to the movies with my friends, watch the movies and TV show at home or hang out with my friends around Bangkok.

Q : Where are your favorite places to hang out?
A : At Thonglor, I go with my teammates on Sunday and we like “Sway” this bar has menu “All you can eat wings” We like this menu very much.

Your story

Q : Do you have girlfriend?
A : (Smile ) I’m single but I join dating.
          Q: Are you sure?
          A: I’m sure haha.

Q : What kind of girls do you like?
A : (Feeling shy) Ummm kind of girl? I don’t like this question haha. (He didn’t answer this question.)

Q : 3 words to describe yourself.
A : Shy, diligent and adventurous.

Q : What is the most impressive story in your life?
A : The most impressive story in your life is climbing Fuji mountain with my brother. Good landscape and great experience.

Some last questions

Q : Where will the fans meet you?
A : If fans want to meet me, I’m here every week on Saturday and Sunday at Mono Stadium29 before game or after the game. I would love to see the fans, it will be great!

Q : Finally, talk to your fans.
A : Thank you the fans who wake up early to see my games and fans all over the world in Philippines, Malaysia and Thailand, thank you for this support, I really appreciate.

More Picture

Is he cute? If fans want to meet Jason Brickman, meet him at Mono Stadium29, Ratchapruk road every week on Saturday and Sunday. Meet him after game, it will be great!

thanks pic frome  Mono Vampire Basketball Club